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Buy a replica of Nike AF shoes online

Jordan is an outdoor sports brand that has been around for a long time, with classic pieces and designers who have an eye for keeping up with the times and making changes according to current trends, and replica nike air jordan is one such brand. The AJ, designed by Nike for Jordan, has been particularly hot since last year, and the price, which was still acceptable, was also speculated to be high because of the popularity of the shoes, gradually approaching the “sky-high price”. In fact, in addition to AJ, Nike’s AF series shoes are also a good choice. Now that AJ sucks and these Nike AF shoes are trendy, you can’t say I lost!

First of all, this pair of AirForce1 cherry blossom powder women’s high-top shoes, with the design principle of board shoe style, and a little high-top design, not only has a very good effect on the feet, but also can wear a particularly handsome feeling, this light cherry blossom powder is also very popular among girls, but also can wear a sweet model, after you look at it, is not your heart also moved?

Next up is this pair of AF1 deconstructed functional shoes, similar to the pink design in front, but this one is more suitable for boys, with a very masculine, green and black, with a very elegant vintage atmosphere. The sole is made of jelly rubber with a little bit of freshness to give the shoe a design flair.

This pair of AF sports shoes is particularly classic, not only can boys wear, but also girls wear very good, because it is a pure white design, the style is very classic, good match effect, the sole thickness is moderate, the head is rounded, the upper foot will not be as big as the old dad shoes.

These AF Air Force One magnetic function deconstructed shoes have a wide range of styles. For those who like a little more fancy, you can choose the fluorescent green pair in the upper right corner, while those who like a more versatile and low-key look can choose the remaining three. The large logo in the middle of the shoe is a direct reference to the brand, but also adds a touch of design

Lastly, these AF Air Force One jelly pink shoes are low-topped and have a better finishing touch on the legs, with a pink upper and white sole.

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